Business planning continuity

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Business continuity planning

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Business continuity planning

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Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

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An overview of the concepts detailed within this training. Also, included is a humorous, short video that introduces viewers to the concept of business continuity planning and highlights the benefits of having a plan.

A summary and general guideline for business continuity planning (BCP), which is a proactive planning process that ensures critical services or products are delivered during a.

Business Disaster Planning A disaster of any size could have an impact on your business. Taking the steps to build a business disaster continuity plan and encourage your employees to create a family emergency plan can reduce the impact on your business. Organize a business continuity team and compile a business continuity plan to manage a business disruption.

Conduct training for the business continuity team and testing and exercises to evaluate recovery strategies and the plan. Business continuity planning (or business continuity and resiliency planning) is the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats to a company.

Any event that could negatively impact operations is included in the plan. Business continuity is having a plan to deal with major disruption, like cyber attacks, floods, and supply failures.

Business planning continuity
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A Guide to Business Continuity Planning