Dilbert business planning cartoons characters

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Five Funny Project Management Cartoons: Take a Break & Have a Laugh at Your Own Expense

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Dilbert On Strategic Planning: Don’t Just Plan – Execute!

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The top 10 Dilbert cartoons, according to creator Scott Adams

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Fahrenheit is extremely important. And so that's usually enough to write a good cynical comic collect. Dilbert’s disaster recovery plan (video) You probably know we love capturing business continuity cartoons and video.

They are brilliant resources for friendly communication or presentation openers. You know by now that we try to bring you one new video cartoon every week!

This week Dilbert is dealing with the issue of assumption making. As usual, however, it gives us an excuse to raise a more serious issue for business continuity planning. This recent Dilbert strip about Strategic Planning, while hilarious, is pretty scary. I love the quote, “while we were strategizing, they were doing something I believe they call ‘work’.” Not just because I’m a huge fan of air-quotes, but because that’s a really common feeling among employees who take part in strategic planning.

On the Dilbert website, you can create your own versions of Dilbert comic strips – and even post them for others to read. While listed last on this list, Dilbert is always first in my heart when it comes to laughing about the world of business.

The top 10 Dilbert cartoons, according to creator Scott Adams

May 20,  · NEW YORK (CNNfn) - The humor of the "Dilbert" comic strip has struck a chord of recognition among many who toil away silently in the cubicles of the business world.

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Dilbert business planning cartoons characters
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The top-ten Dilbert cartoons on lean - better operations