Greenhouse farming business plan india

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A Sample Greenhouse Farming Business Plan Template

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Read how we're promoting environmental sustainability while producing enough to feed a growing global population. The rate of commercial fish farming in India is increasing rapidly.

Because fish and fish products has a huge demand in Indian market.

Starting an Organic Farm & Greenhouse -Sample Business Plan Template

And the consuming rate and demand of fish is increasing gradually in accordance with current population growth. Sea and rivers are the main and major source of fish. Organic farming business in India is economically sustainable and assures of rich returns.

In the bygone year, the sector has experienced a growth of 35% in terms of export and new entrants. Ethics infinity private limited is one the leading greenhouse manufacturing company of india. Our Company work on different type of project like greenhouse, polyhouse, shade nethouse, fan and pad house, kitchen garden, cold storage, solar system, water solution plant, organic product, organic product immunator, organic product ashwamegh, organic product floretor, organic product Tea Tonic.

It really depends on the age factor of Emu chicks or birds you buy to start a with the emu farming and if a farmer wants to start with three months chicks then rate of investment per emu chick would be around to Rs per emu chick and need to establish the shed or shelter with minimum 30 pairs and if they decide to buy 12 to 15 months of Emu chick then the price per emu chick would be.

Greenhouse farming business plan india
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Emu Farming Profits and Case Study in India | Agri Farming